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Str. via Allende n°47 Industrial area Torrazzi
Italy, 41122 Modena


DEFINITIVE INNOVATION springs from the idea of a group of persons with experiences established over decades of work in the fields of dosage, mixing, transport and industrial automation, both nationally and internationally. Technical and organizational capabilities supported by financial coverage able to handle the market make our company the ideal partner for resolving any type of plant design problem within your production unit.

DEFINITIVE INNOVATION does not limit itself to delivering a feeder, a mixer or any other component to you. IT RESPONDS TO YOUR NEEDS and realizes it by using the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Our Know-How extends from the food to the chemical industry, from cement to plastics and to all those sectors which need to have dosing, storage, transport and mixing processes available.

DEFINITIVE INNOVATION places first and foremost the satisfaction of the customer, since we feel that it is the best advertising vehicle available, creating a relationship of partnership in which it makes available its own store of experience and an efficient and accurate service.