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Dakumar is one of the Chinese leading innovator for plastic molding machine's researching and developing.

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Str. 369# XinJiang Rd., Xinqian Steet, Huangyan
China, 318020 Taizhou

Plastic Injection Molding Machines' manufacturer - Dakumar is one of the Chinese leading innovator for plastic molding machine's researching and developing. Continuous improvements for injection molding machine's design, Dakumar is always keening on HMI improving, high speed injection molding researching, precision plastic filling with stable PC controlling.

Dakumar brand was established on 2006 year, before this year the brand was named Tiandun in Ningbo, Tiandun Co. was established on 1990 year. In 2006, Sino Holdings Group acquired Tiandu Co, and changed its name into DAKUMAR. In the same time, moved the whole company from Ningbo to Huangyan. Based on the previous team's professional and rich experience, Dakumar employed a large number of engineers and made the full technological innovations on the existing injection molding machines, in April 2006, due to Dakumar's new technology and quality mentality, it stand out from the Chinese injection molding machine industry. Became one of the famous new brand in China.

From 2007 year till 2010, in order to make machines' mechanical components much more precise, Sino Holdings Group invested 20 Millions USD for various kinds of tooling machines, this kept Dakumar plastic injection molding machine's smooth and accurate actions.

In July of 2010, a new land with 40000SQM was purchased for further developing of Dakumar, and just in the same time, Dakumar have prepared the 3600TON plastic injection molding machine's manufacturing, the clamping plates casting dies investing and the new workshop's designing... all these are prepared for the heavy machine's assembling...

Dakumar's plastic injection moulding machine's type and model Nr. are big ranges. From 50TON to 1600TON, standard variable pump injection molding machines and servo motor molding machines. 118TON to 780TON high speed injection molding machines, 268TON to 500TON bi-injection molding machines...
During the past years, Dakumar has established service center in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turky, Israel, Russia...in order to make better service, we are negotiating with many oversea professional team to establish more and more service centers and partnership in different countries.

We are keening on R & D for plastic injection molding machines' high performance and improvements...

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