DRT Moldes

Molds for the plastic injection industry

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Str. Zona industrial Cova das faias, rua dos marinheiros,lote 6 nº146
Portugal, 2415-806 Leiria

DRT Moldes is recognized by the most important manufacturers in the automotive industry.
This recognition is the result of our dedication, rigor and perfection, with which we assume the quality required by our customers.
 The constant innovation and greater efficiency in handling new technologies provide DRT with a remarkable capacity to deliver projects that are associated with new market challenges.

Since 1994, DRT has developed a growth strategy in the areas of molds, communication, industrial design, innovation and technology.
New challenges have given rise to a new dynamic and entrepreneurial vision.

We’ve banked on the future. We’ve built new facilities in 2012 and invested to increase our machine park and contract more personnel, forming a team of professionals skilled in different areas. We focused on the implementation of an R&D department, which will help us to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Today, the DRT Group is one of the technologically better equipped plants at European level.

We are certain that we will be a partner up to your requirements.

DRT Moldes is premised upon the guarantee that projects fulfill the objectives within the established deadlines and budgets, always looking forward to satisfy their customers’ expectations. To achieve this, the company disposes of highly qualified project leaders, dedicated to the technical follow-up of the molds, from conception until start-up at the customers’ facilities.


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