systems and solutions to measure for the specific needs in the pipe, profile, cable industry.

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ConPro as hightech company of the present with products for the future of extrusion technology is a competent partner for your automation processes.

Integrated measuring and control systems have been established with the introduction of gravimetric and ultrasonic. The trend-setting definition of the – Pro Quality – concept being set up in 1998 can be implemented with the latest products in a reasonable, consequent and effictive way.

The offer of integration possibilities covers the throughput, meter weight and thin point regulation; automatic centering, vacuum regulation, diameter measuring via the calibration sleeve and a complete documentation.

Various evaluation possibilities are continuously offered and used. For security relevant products as gas pipes, this level of automation and documentation is more and more demanded.

Due to our experience in process engineering, ConPro is able to analyse the customer needs in a competent way and we can find an optimal line configuration. As well for your requirement we can offer an individual solution.