China Shenyang Billon Technology Co., Ltd.

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Str. NO.1 China machine tool city,36-1 Hongrun Road,Yuhong District
China, 110141 Shenyang

China Shenyang Billon Technology Group is one of the largest manufacturers specialized in development, production, marketing, industrial automatic, precision machining and equipment development and production modern enterprise. The company covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, plant area of 8000 square meters, number of employees more than 100 people.The main product:
1.Machining center: Vertical machining center, Gantry type machining center, Gantry machining center,Five- axis linkage machining center, Horizontal machining center.
2. CNC milling machine: Horizontal CNC boring and milling machine, Horizontal CNC drilling and milling machine, Gantry CNC drilling and milling machine.
3. CNC combination special machine tools: Double horizontal machining center combination machine tools, Vertical machining center combination machine tools, CNC Vertical lathe, Modular machine tool.
4. Special purpose machine: Brake disc, Brake flap special machine, Valve special machine tools, Pump body special machine tools, Flywheel special machine tools.Reducer, Motor, speed changing box special machine tool serie product. According to customer's requirements of parts, we can process special designing, manufacturing.
The company has complete quality control system, quality system completely, test adjustment equipment in place, live daily execution system integrity. And was awarded the ISO9001 quality system certification in November 2010. The company have gantry machining center, precision grinder, cue diagnostic instrument, laser interferometer, trilinear coordinates measuring instrument, main shaft and electric motor balance equipment,etc. With strong processing capacity and perfect machine precision detection means.


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