China PMP Mold & Plastic Co., Ltd.

plastic injection molding

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Str. Bd A5,LanTian Science &Technology Park, LouGang Village,Songgang Town
China, 518105 Shenzhen

PMP Mold is a professional mould enterprise, as you've been

demanding more from your mold makers, PMP Mold have been meeting those

demands, Careful material selection, precision equipment, intense

employee training and a great deal of pride go into ensuring you

receive a high quality product at a competitive price and on time

every time. our short leading time of mold making can meet your urgent

requirement, for some case in emergency, the leading time can be

tailored for you through overnight work with shift.

Utilizing the unique knowledge familiar location and mold making

resources in China, coupled with our expertise on the project

management, we have been able to offer the mold at the lowest possible

price and at an incredible short lead time. We are most specialized in

the rapid prototype tooling and the tools for volume production. Most

of the injection mold and die casting included fully automatic

mechanisms using variety standard hot runner systems.