Chia Hisang Fa Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Shrink sleeve labels, shrink cap seals, shrink film, automatic shrink wrap machines, multi-layered laminate flexible packaging film, multi-layered laminate flexible packaging bags, vacuum bags, aluminum bags, zip lock bags, stand up pouches, Plastic promotional printed bag, shrink sleeves, self-adhesive bags

Address details:

Str. No.15, Alley 27, Lane 195, Yongfeng Rd.,
Taiwan, 23643 Tucheng, Taipei

Chia Hsiang Fa (CHFA) was founded in 1991, and is specialized in all kinds of labeling products. Our products include shrink labels, shrink sleeves, self-adhesive bags, water labels, shrink film, heat shrink cap seals, insulating tubes, OPP pearl wrap labels, BOPP heat sealable labels, POF polyolefin products, OPP / CPP bags, poly bags, automatic shrink wrap machines and many others.

CHFA are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as cutting machines, sealing machines, rewinding machines, slitting machines and printing machines. In addition to investments in equipment, our administrative, production, sales and support staff members are the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated leaders in the market.

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