Production, convertion and sales of flexible films intended for packaging and for the electrotechnical industry, production and sales of plastics, polypropylene yarn and socks and machinery

Address details:

Str. Štúrova 101
Slovakia, 059 21 Svit

Consists of a group of companies involved in

-production, converting and sales of flexible films intended for packaging and for the electrotechnical industry (subsidiaries CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, a.s. , TERICHEM, a.s. ),
-production and sales of plastics (subsidiary CHEMOSVIT ENVIRONCHEM, a.s.),
-polypropylene yarn and socks (subsidiary CHEMOSVIT FIBROCHEM, a.s. )
-and machinery (subsidiary STROJCHEM, a.s. ).

Contact persons:
Michal Ľach, General Director of CHEMOSVIT, a.s.,
+421 52 715 2111,,

Ing. Jaroslav Mervart, Director of CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, a.s., +421 52 715 2908,,

Bohumil Kuchálik, Director of TERICHEM, a.s.,
+421 52 715 3373,,

Július Frkáň, Director of CHEMOSVIT ENVIRONCHEM, a.s.,
+421 52 715 2554,,

Martin Ľach, Managing Director of STROJCHEM, a.s.,
+48 052 715 2113,,

Jozef Kochan, Executive Director of CHEMOSVIT FIBROCHEM, a.s.,
+421 52 715 2120,,

Flexible Films for Food and Non-food Products
In-site manufactured coextruded polyethylene, polypropylene and barrier films and purchased BOPP, BOPET, OPA, aluminium films, cellophane and paper converting capacities include:
- rotogravure printing of up to 10 colours
- flexoprinting of up to 10 colours
- metallisation (vacuum aluminium deposition)
- lamination (binding two or three film layers using adhesive)
- slitting
- sealing and adhesive binding (production of pouches and carrier bags)

Production, converting and sales of flexible films is the main business line of:
- CHEMOSVIT FOLIE (Slovakia) (
- TERICHEM (Slovakiia) and affiliates (
- TERICHEM LUCK (Ukraine) (
In-house graphic studio and facilities for the production of printing cylinders for rotogravure printing and plates for flexoprinting.
Certified production and products are a guarantee of top quality food packaging applications, as well as hygiene and toilet products, tobacco products, horticulture and consumer goods.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films (BOPP)
Production and sales of biaxially oriented polypropylene capacitor and packaging films are the main business lines of these Chemosvit subsidiaries:
- TERICHEM (Slovakia) and it’s subsidiary
- TERICHEM LUCK (the Ukraine)

The unique, high-tech extra thin films in thicknesses of 4-15 µm are sold under the trade name Terfilm and are intended for special applications like dielectrics for capacitors, separation layers in insulations, thermal-insulating products, the health industry and other industrial applications.
Packaging films of 15 – 40 µm, sold under the trade name Tatrafan®, meet the most demanding criteria for packaging of tobacco, food and non-food products. They are intended for the next converting using printing technology, or lamination with different film grades, or paper.
State-of-the-art technology and years of know-how are the basis for the success of commercial activities in Europe, Asia, Northern and Southern America and Oceania.

Plastics production is the business line of Chemosvit Environchem, a.s. and VAT Chemosvit Luckplastmas, Luck, the Ukraine.
Chemosvit Environchem, a.s. produce:
• different recycled products (regranulate, agglomerates, crushed materials) of PE and PP)
• technical moulds of 10 g to 23 kg:
o packaging items for the wrapping of film rolls
o cylindrical cores for the winding of PP yarn
o tailor-made moulds
o structural expanded boards for the production of receptacles, septic tanks and water meter pits
- 1000 x 1000 x 15 mm – black, weight 10,5 kg
- 1000 x 1000 x 20 mm – black, weight 12,7 kg
- 1000 x 1000 x 15 mm – white, weight 10,5 kg
- 1000 x 1000 x 20 mm – white, weight 12,7 kg
• structural expanded wall forms for the production of tanks (1000 x 1000 x 80 mm – white QUATRO, weight 21,5 kg)

Machinery production is the business line of STROJCHEM, a.s.
• Tailor-made machined plastic parts according to the customer-supplied drawings and requirements.
• Packaging machines ( production and service of the company in-house manufactured packaging machines. Production of state-of-the-art continuously working horizontal packaging machines of flow-pack type allowing the packaging of different types of solid food and non-food products.
The electromechanical packaging machines BH-05B - for narrow width of packed goods.
The strongest point of the packaging machines BH-07W and BH-08B is the flexibility in adjusting parameters via programmable computer. These machines are suitable for customers with a broad product range requiring high packaging speed.
Our packaging machines can process various packaging materials (cellophane, biaxially oriented polypropylene, combined materials, special types of polyethylene, printed and unprinted) sealable while hot and cold.
The group of the company designers use the latest design systems (CAD) and the company development staff strive to make the machine to the client’s requirements.

Our offer:
- manufacture of packaging machines
- modifications
- accessories
- customs-made machines
- refurbished machines
• Machinery service and repairs (, manufacture of spare parts for the machinery according to the supplied drawings. Rich experience in manufacturing and repairs of cylinders.

- Automation (design and supplies of complete systems of industrial automation units using SIEMENS technology and supplies of SIEMENS components for industrial automation)
- Electric (wiring of machinery plants, repairs of electric motors)
- M&R (assembly of M&R units, service of speed recording indicators and INFOCAR systems, calibration centre)
- Machinery (service, production, repairs of handling technology)
- Technical (design drawing for e.g. technological units for chemical and food industries)

Production of Polypropylene Yarn

CHEMOSVIT FIBROCHEM a.s., is among the strongest and most experienced firms engaged in the production of fine denier multifilament polypropylene yarn in Europe. During the thirty-year history, the company sold over 100 000 tonnes of polypropylene yarn Prolen® ( to all the continents of the world. The current production capacity is over 4500 tonnes of yarn a year.

The product range includes smooth technical and texturized low and high-elasticity yarn. Among the specialities are microfilament yarn, hollow yarn, better UV stability yarn and fire resistant yarn. Yarn Prolen® is used in textile, health, furniture, food and automobile industries. It has excellent properties applicable, for example, in the production of thermo-clothing. Prolen® is the lightest of all yarns, has the fastest rate of sweat drainage, has excellent thermal-insulating properties, provides an optimum micro-climate between the skin and clothing, is abrasion proof, prevents the reproduction of bacteria, micro-organisms and fungi, does not cause allergy, maintains stable colours and is 100% recyclable.

In-house production of colour masterbatches using certified colour concentrates from the best suppliers allows the company to produce over 300 standard colour shades. For demanding customers the company can produce any required colour shade.

From 1997, the company offer socks under the trade mark Svitoni®, making use of the properties of Prolen® yarn. The socks product range includes standard socks, sport socks, thermal socks and health socks.

The company stores at Svit offer not only Svitoni® socks, but also thermo-underwear produced of Prolen® yarn.

CHEMOSVIT FIBROCHEM, a.s. is certified to ISO 9001:2008; Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1, and to other international certificates of standard and anti-bacterial yarns and socks. Prolen® yarn also complies to the REACH Regulation, Annex No. XVII.

Registration details:
IČO: 31671047 Company Registration No. (ICO)
DIČ: 2020516861 Tax Identification Number (DIČ)
IČ DPH: SK7020000273 VAT Registration No. (IC DPH)

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