Cable Craft LTD - Lifting Cables, Slings, Ropes, Wire Ropes

Cable Craft ltd. We assist you for your construction projects as we provide equipment and inspection services since 1972.

Address details:

Str. 480 Garyray
Canada, M9L1P8 Dr.Weston

Cable Craft ltd. is a known company that provides high quality equipment and inspection services in Toronto. We manufacture slings that absolutely meet the requirements of commercial projects. We revise energy efficiency inspections purposely to bring improvement and better functioning of equipment for assigned projects. Moreover, we modify wire ropes and chains, that later help fittings and hardware to be easily sold out for construction projects. We have earned admirable reputation in Canada after distributing high quality equipment and materials to construction companies for all important commercial projects. You can reach us by calling at 416 749 8822 for handy discussion.