CNCEN Refrigeration Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Chiller, Plastic Chiller, Screw Style Chiller, Blown Film Cooler, Cooling Tower, Ice Block Machine

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Str. No6, Longwan
China, 325000 Wenzhou

CNCEN Refrigeration Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd specifically designed and produced chillers for a variety of industrial application .Our standard products include air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, screw style chiller, laser chiller, blown film cooler, ice block machine, drinking water chiller & cooling towers etc.
In addition to our standard product lines, CNCEN Chiller company offers are broad range of solutions ranging from standard products to "tailor-made" solutions that allow us to satisfy all client needs:
We have passed ISO9000 & CE certification, The quality and reliability of our chillers are guaranteed from the outset, due to a very careful selection international brand of components and with eco-friendly, energy efficient refrigeration equipments at the heart of our production line; our technical staff develops and designs each product based on continuous technological innovation and attention to quality.
Consulting, design, implementation, testing & installation form the path our company takes, leading to a "turn-key" solution for the customer. Contact us today for more information.