CAD-Mech Sp. z o.o.

Construction-service office Cad-Mech

Address details:

Str. Walbrzyska 26
Poland, 52-314 Wroclaw

Cad-Mech is a construction-service office. From the very beginning we pay great attention to quality control factor. Each project is prepared in details and carefully to give our client highest quality during the whole execution process: form clear and neat concept documentation to a device start up.

We have at our disposal highly trained and experienced staff that allows us to offer wide range of services.
We keep on working closely with well-experienced specialists in fields of automatic, production process automation, logistics and mechanics.

Our Services
* Planning, designing, mechanics and automation start up
- Special machines and production devices
- Devices, testing and measuring instruments
- Special measuring devices to shorten retooling time and setting production machines.
- An automation system for logistics
- Feeders, transportation tables, lifts, and turning and boring lathe.
- Special and prototype machines and

* Planning designing within the range of:
- Steel constructions
- Welded constructions
- Machines and devices for metallurgy
- Machines and devices for heavy industry