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China, 518129 shenzhen

C&C Moldings has wide plastic molding service range; supplied plastic molded components for so many worlds top 500 companies such as VOLVO, AUDI, HONDA, TOYOTA, Midea China and so on. C&C Moldings Co. is represented high classic China plastic molding suppliers. Based on the rigorous quality controlling system and advanced China plastic molding process, C&C Moldings is keeping on developing, the plastic injection molding ranges are as below:

China plastic molding and tooling maker expert, profession in below molding components and solutions:
Classified by molded plastic parts functions:
1. Automotive Molding
2. Medical Injection Molding
3. Cosmetic Injection Moldings
4. Mobile Phone Moldings
5. Home Appliance Moldings
6. Plastic Engineering Components Injection Molding
7. Bakelite Moulding

Classified by plastic molding process methods:
1. Bi-color Injection Molding
2. Gas-assisted Injection Molding
3. Transparent Plastic Part Injection Molding
4. Highlight Injection Moldings
5. Bakelite Injection Molding
6. BMC Injection Molding
7. In-mold labeling Molding
8. In-mould Decoration Molding