Brüggemann Chemical

Specialty additives for Engineering Plastics

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Str. Salzstraße 131
Germany, 74076 Heilbronn

Specialty additives for Engineering Plastics focussing on polyamides and polyesters, especially processing and heat stabilizers (Bruggolen® H), processing auxiliaries (Bruggolen® P), modifiers (Bruggolen® M), as well as light stabilizers (Bruggolen® L), completed by CSB’s (customer specific blends).
AP-Nylon® Materials

Raw materials for the production of Cast Nylon by the process of Anionic Polymerization of Caprolactam. The product portfolio comprises the PA 6 monomer AP-Nylon® Caprolactam, including catalysts and activators under the brand name Bruggolen® C catalysts, activators, as well as the low temperature impact resistant AP-Nylon® type NYRIM®, completed by suitable heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, processing auxiliaries, colourants etc.