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Str. s. Revolutsii 69 build 102
Russia, 195279 Saint-Petersburg

"The BRONKO Company" is one of the famous and leading companies in Russia, specializes on sale of graphic arts and printing equipments. And also we supply office equipment.
The BRONKO Company was established in spring 1997. We started from small rented office and now we have own building in Saint-Petersburg, pre-sale plant and stock of small equipment and materials location, printing-office, 2 demonstration halls and so on.
Nowadays we have two branches in Moscow and in Ukraine, Kiev. Our business partners are from UK, USA, China, South Korea.
Today, BRONKO Company is more then just company, it is brand name. There are more then 10 departments in our head office in Saint-Petersburg, such as:
• 2 Sales department
• 2 service departments
• Logistic department
• Custom department
• Marketing department & PR department
• Printing-office,
• Cliché department
• Stock department
• Financial Control department
• IT department

The staff of our company is absolutely professional, every one of them keenly aware of printing industry and have a great experience in sales and service of equipment.
Our company pays special attention to development and work of every department.
We don’t make no headway, our company is in progress always.
The BRONKO Company is engaged in a great deal of work aimed at reducing prices for our clients. In order to do this we optimize transportation costs and finance. We aim to make our clients more competitive. The fact that we have own office building (no rental costs), have own capital (no bank credit payments) and we are located in Saint-Petersburg, the city which is as a sea port, situated at the transport crossroads and is relatively cheap city, and it makes possible for us to stick to low prices.
Please, here you can see the sale increase diagram from the foundation time:

For attraction of new clients, every year BRONKO takes part in different all-Russian large and small exhibitions, like this: “PoligrafInter”, “LabelExpo”, “RosYpak”, “Reklamnaya Tehnologiya”, “Reklama” and so on. We are organize presentations of new technologies for our clients.
Our clients are different organizations, from the private enterprises to the state organizations. Our qualified experts can always give professional consultation to our clients.
Our clients are from over the whole territory of Russia, and from almost all states of CIS.

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We are hope that it is pleasure for our clients also as we get it to cooperate with BRONKO Company.


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