Bonhomie Plastic Pvt. Ltd.

"ONEMOLD" Better mold Better Profit

Address details:

Str. 28, 2nd floor, Ujagar Industrial Estate, Deonar, Mumbai
India, 400028 Mumbai

“Onemold gives its clients a single, reliable window to procure customized injection and blow molds for the plastics industry from India and China. Be it plastic houseware, furniture, industrial crates and pallets or packaging molds. Onemold’s alliances with premium quality tool makers ensure you get mold solutions that are customized to your exact requirements, that match your quality expectations and that fit within your budget.
Established by Bonhomie Plastics Pvt Ltd – a company that has built its reputation and credibility through consistent delivery of quality, innovation and value over 35+ years. Onemold, our brand of molds, comes to you with an assurance that is hard to find in the crowded world of molds out there. Better molds, better profits”

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