BS Rollen

Wheels, rollers and conveyance products

Address details:

Str. Rotzkotten 14
Germany, D-42897 Remscheid

BS Rollen is a family business with well kept traditions. Quality, reliability, service and good customer relations are values we firmly believe in. It’s on this basis that we’ve constantly expanded our range of high quality wheels and rollers and conveyance products since the company was founded in 1991.

Over the years, our energy and know-how have made us into one of the leading specialists in wheels and rollers. Over 12,000 different products are ready for delivery in our modern 3000 sq m warehouse. Anything the heart desires from the smallest mini-castor to heavy duty wheels with load capacities of up to 11 tons.

Individual special requirements? just have to ask. BS Rollers aren’t only available in Remscheid but also in many European countries. You’ll find the addresses on pages 15/16.


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