Production and distribution of advertising bags: paper, plastic and cotton

Address details:

Str. Łopuszańska 53
Poland, 02-232 Warszawa

We are the Polish company - one of the leading producers and distributors of promotional bags.

The beginnings of AWIH company date back to 1993, when we started offering business printing services (offset printing). Today, after transformation, we became one of the leading promotional bags manufacturers in Poland.
We specialize in bags:
- paper
- ecological
- plastic
- cotton

Each of them can be adjusted to individual customer's needs. We have an opinion of a good company, executing orders on time and without any objections. This is confirmed by the ever-growing number of our customers.

We sell our products to various clients both in Poland and in Europe (mainly to Germany and the Netherlands), but still we are looking for new business opportunities / selling possibilities.


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