Artenius Prat

PET Resin manufacturer

Address details:

Str. Avenida Remolar 2
Spain, 08820 El P Barcelona

Artenius is the division of La Seda de Barcelona that concentrates the whole of the PET activity. It has production plants in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Rumania and the United Kingdom which register a total installed production capacity of close to a million tons a year.

With all of these purchases, La Seda de Barcelona has become the largest producer in Europe with a market share of close to 30%, more than double its closest competitor, and with a geographic coverage incomparable with that of the other PET producing companies. These magnitudes place it in an unbeatable position with regard to the market, as it is the only company capable of offering a comprehensive service and guaranteeing supply through several plants, and unbeatable logistics.

The Seda Group is the leading integrated producer of PET, PTA and Preforms in Europe following an ambitious expansion plan and a complex programme of takeovers.

A vertically integrated group capable of guaranteeing its supply of raw materials and giving global coverage to its customers.

PET Division, PTA Division, PET Packaging Division, Technological Division, PET Recycling Division

The Seda Group is divided into different Business Units managed individually, but which are joined with the single purpose of providing the synergy of an integrated group.


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