Ace Rico Poland Sp. z o.o.

Production of plastic products/parts

Address details:

Str. Ostroszowicka 11
Poland, 58-260 Bielawa

On behalf of Ace Rico Sp. z o. o. - Polish branch of the Korean company Ace-Hinge Tech would like to propose you cooperation.
Our Factory is located in City of Bielawa in close distance of city of Wrocław and A4 Highway. AceRico Poland is part of a huge industrial concern Ace Hinge Tech from Korea.
Main stream of our production is focus of plastic elements and total assembly products made for our clients special order.

High the qualified staff and great experience get on international markets, is guaranteeing the high of the professionalism and qualities of freelancings carried out.
AceRico operates on 17 brand new fully automatic injection machines from renowned JiwaghnaTech company.
Multiplicity of our machine park connected with our big machine capacity allows AceRico to perform most sophisticated order receive from our clients in very short quantity of time.
We base our production on different resign kinds from such companies like BASF, LG Chemical or Sabic