Abelly Chemical Co.,Ltd

Quality ultramarine blue pigment manufacturer for masterbatch, plastic, food contact packages and others

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Str. longkou idnustrial park
China, 265705 yantai

Abelly Chemical has been a global leader in distributing, manufacturing, and marketing of ultramarine blue pigments in bulk. Quality products, reasonable price, prompt delivery, and good after sales service let Abelly chemical more popular with the clients from American, European, Britain and other countries.
Founded in 2006, Abelly Chemical engages in both world-wide trading and manufacturing at the factory in China. In order to meet the demanding requirement of end-use application in color concrete, paint, plastic, master batches, coating and other industrial products, Abelly Chemical strives to provide quality products that are manufactured under ISO Standard and are in compliance with SGS certification. Our responsible include factory audits, regulatory issues, outside third party testing and verification.
With an eye on the future, our new products development center’s state-of-the-art laboratories are dedicated to the evolution and introduction of leading edge products in collaboration with our manufacturing subsidiaries. Abelly Chemical will continually strive to improve development practices, production process and product quality with many achieving ISO 9001-2008 certifications.