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We develop and engineer injection moulds projects both domestically and global.

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Str. No. 16 xixiang baoan Shenzhen China
China, 518000 Shenzhen

We develop and engineer moulds projects both domestically and global. I have a project that may require some sort of decoration, either post-moulding, or in-moulding. I opened and studied your website and your offering is certainly formidable. I have added you to my research file and will for sure keep your company in mind. We are representatives for two companies with extensive injection moulding expertise. With one of the injection moulding companies, we are incorporating near field antenna and electrical circuitry into the in-mould process. With the second company, we have been successful injection moulding a polycarbonate label to a TPE material, giving complete flexibility of the finished part without de-lamination or cracking. This is two of the leading edge processes that are coming on line.

Our plastic injection moulding machines are thermoset-system which has special barrel-screw. At the beginning of my work experience, I also talked with other handle manufacturers which have consumption over 20toones/month. They all said that they import the raw material from China, Taiwan, and India. They cannot use the local manufacturer material. They also talked to change their formula but them and I cannot give any result from them. I believe that they do not know scientifically anything about phenolic-moulding compound. Therefore the Chinese injection moulding companies that compete with the other countries import raw material. In China, the total custom rates are %18+%7. When you consume 30tonnes/month or higher, those costs really affects us.