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Str. Skrytka Pocztowa 134
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5JOBS Specialist Recruitment – PRINT, DESIGN, POS, PACKAGING & PLASTICS is a industry-specific, European recruitment consultancy originating from Poland. Our dedication leads to - through professional recruitment - working with the best staff in the optimum time. We conduct recruitment processes for manufacturers, distributors and wholesale customers across several vertical markets: plastics, plastics converting, Viscom, packaging, co-packing, printing, POS, pulp & paper, paper converting, chemical, rubber and recycling. Experience, on which the operations of the 5JOBS Specialist Recruitment are based, regards both cooperation with major international corporations as well as local small businesses, agencies and entities falling between these categories.

5JOBS Specialist Recruitment operates in Central and Eastern Europe, Poland, Germany, Russia, Benelux, Scandinavia and the UK.


Our primary service is recruitment carried out through our own, aggregated meticulously over a number of years, dedicated industries database, along with archived recruitment projects, long-term relationships with candidates, networking as well as intensive direct search for candidates combined with recruitment marketing. At 5JOBS Specialist Recruitment the scope of our activities includes the recruitment of professionals for various positions - from the highest placements through managerial, commercial, technical and specialised positions, to highly skilled production posts and assistants. A dedicated headhunter, with experience in the industry, is a unique feature of 5JOBS Specialist Recruitment that means we are extremely competitive when it comes to getting to the right people. We guarantee and monitor the initial period of employment of recommended candidates. Our consulting services are also dedicated to projects requiring special care and confidentiality, such as significant staff changes concerning top management, all-level managers and highly qualified specialists. Our many years of experience guarantee the credible assessment of candidates as well as ensuring that an appropriate selection of candidates fulfil the competence requirements set out by the client.



To all those who want to cooperate with 5JOBS Specialist Recruitment – PRINT, DESIGN, POS, PACKAGING & PLASTICS in growing and developing their career, we guarantee far-reaching confidentiality and security of the recruitment process. None of the information provided by candidates, which would lead to their identification, will be passed onto employers without prior approval of participation in a particular recruitment project. We invite you to submit applications (CV). Address to which you should direct your applications: job@5jobs.eu