3Deling Sp. z.o.o

3Deling Ltd specializes in: 3d laser scanning, visualization, data processing, digital photogrammetry, engineering surveys, measured building surveys, measured industrial surveys and monitoring

Address details:

Str. 38 Sandall Close
, W5 1JF London

We scan all types of large scale objects such as normal buildings, heritage sites (including but not limited to historic buildings), industrial sites and mine workings. We provide our clients with a point cloud, the rough data gathered through scanning.
3Deling Ltd has extensive experience in Industrial surveys of production halls, telecommunication masts, bridges, etc. Using 3D laser scanning we create accurate 3D models which reflect the spatial relationships between elements of the object, without having technological process interruption while security of the measurement is maintained.
3D laser scanning technology allows for quick implementation of 3D models (the so-called reverse design) and documentation of 2D objects and industrial engineering. It is also a great alternative to traditional methods, which to such issues as accessibility of objects, security and detail of measurement, often turn out to be vulnerable.
We also process data collected by 3rd party surveys. In addition we perform scan registration, 2D drawings, 3D models, visualizations and all kind of 3D scanning related expertise. We have collaborated with many companies from Great Britain and France. We are eager to take on your most challenging projects.
We do all kinds of engineering surveys. We have experience from the largest construction sites in Great Britain. For each project we prepare a customized setting out plan which we present to you as a drawing which clearly shows the set out points. All points are measured and archived in the database and checked against the final project after setting out is finished.