White regrind from PVC (105883)

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not specified
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Big bag
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5 days

Rolbatch GmbH Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy
Name and surname:
Dr Magdalena Laabs (j.polski, niemiecki, angielski)

For one of our contractors, we are looking for full-car sizes of PVC regrinds

1) milling of PVC window profiles to production .

Please specify whether you have such regrinds on offer? What is the price per kg, with 2-4 cars per month? Is it pollinated? Is it dry? Does not contain inclusions with rubber, metal, other.

If you have questions, please call

Do you have a test part of 200-300 kg available on hand?

The necessary color for tests:

  • white (we need a trial batch of about 100-300 kg)
  • black or dark brown (we need a trial batch of 5-10 kg)
  • possibly mix the color (100-300 kg)

With the color mix we have the option of sorting the milling into colors using the color sorter. But it would be best if they were clearly different from each other, for example white and black or white and dark brown.

2) PVC milling for the production of pipes

In addition, for one of our contractors from Germany, we are looking for PVC milling from profiles, pipes that would be suitable for extruding pipes. Wanted quantities: 1000 tons per month. Minimum quantities: full-car.

A trial lot of 200-500 kg would be needed.

Please send photo of the raw material.

We invite you to our website:
http://www.rolbatch.com/pl/o-firmie CATALOG OF MACHINES FOR RECYCLING AND PLASTICING: http://www.rolbatch.com/pl/do-prania On request, we do not send you a printed version of catalogs by post.
On the Rolbatch offer
  • Lines for recycling plastics
  • Electrostatic and optical sorters for sorting of regrinds of plastics into colors and types
  • Lines for regranulation, granulation, compounding, composite production and masterbatch
  • Film extrusion lines for profiles, plates

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