Washing line for plastics (96486)

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Barbara Litwic

The ARGUS company has many years of experience in importing equipment for recycling plastics. For years, we have been cooperating with reliable, competent and trusted machine manufacturers possessing all necessary certificates and permits required in the European Union. All machines and installations are each time designed and configured in accordance with the individual requirements and wishes of the customer.

In our offer you will find lines for washing plastics with a capacity of 500 and 1000 kilograms per hour. The final yield may differ from the base due to the type of material and the degree of soiling. The line enables cleaning heavily soiled, printed, lubricated foils and packaging, used in food packaging, in industry, in agriculture, etc. The main elements of the washing line are made of high quality stainless steel, which significantly extends its service life.

The high degree of automation of the lines we offer allows you to optimize the production process, save energy and minimize the necessary to service the staff.

The use of an innovative device at the end of the washing line (squeezer) for drying and thickening the washed material brings significant economic benefits in the subsequent production process by, among others, very large reduction of storage space necessary to store the material after washing, no need to use the agglomerator on the extruder.

All machines and installations are each time designed and configured in accordance with individual customer requirements.

We invite you to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions.

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ARGUS Jakub Mejer
ul. Stoczniowców 8
84-230 Rumia

e-mail: biuro@argusmaszyny.pl
phone: +48 533 202 141

Kompleksowy serwis w zakresie zagospodarowania odpadów i przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych

Double screw extruders, Mills, cruschers, PC polycarbonate, Regranulation, plastic grinding, Washing plastic


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