WE 200 Ekolinia centrifuge for plastics

No. 122548
Type of offer::
~19 679 EUR / pc
Available quantity:
1 pc
Valid for:
4 days

Pro Eco Sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Bartosz Janke

I will sell a centrifuge for plastics produced by the local Ekolinia company. The machine is made entirely of stainless materials. Both the housing and the sieves. The screens are interchangeable depending on the needs of the holes in them. According to the documentation, the efficiency of the machine is 600 kg / h. But this largely depends on the materials to be converted. The centrifuge easily breaks down non-coarse brittle materials, it centrifuges the moisture in 100%. Washer It is 3 years old.

The new one costs PLN 150,000. and the waiting time is up to six months

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