W90-30d extruder with a 90R250S pipe head, unused, presented at the fair (110065)

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~38 692 EUR / set
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1 set
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Ichemad-Profarb sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Krzysztof Danek

Producer: ZMCh Metalchem Gliwice, currently ICHEMAD-Profarb sp. Z o. O
Model / type: W90-30d with a 90R250S pipe head, unused devices, presented at the fair
Production year : 2004
Location: the seat of the Ichemad Company - Profarb Gliwice, Chorzowska 117
Type: single screw extruder with a head with a spiral core
Purpose: for the production of single-layer HDPE pipes in the form of granules, up to a diameter of 250 mm

Price of the extruder: PLN 122,000.00 + VAT

Price of the head: 43.000,00 PLN + VAT

It is possible to buy the extruder or head itself.

The main technical parameters :
- screw diameter 90 mm
- the relative length of the screw 30d
- barrier type barrier, high-performance for HDPE
- installed power ~ 170 kW
- design performance ≥ 450 kg / h
- number of heating zones 8
- heating power 33.4 kW (230V)
- equipment: fitted mouthpiece and a core for the production of Ø180x16,4 pipes
Control system:
The extruder is equipped with a microprocessor control and visualization system based on a central Allan Bradley controller with an industrial monitor with a function keyboard with standard control functions (drive, thermoregulation cylinder and head (only heating),
one coextasters for applying strips, cooperation with the exhaust, alarms), All mounted in a control cabinet located on the machine structure.

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