Sorting plastic into colors - PVC from window profiles (107428)

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Rolbatch Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy
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Dr Magdalena Laabs

Service sorting of plastics into colors

We sort plastic regrinds for colors

Sorted color raises the sales price in the case of recycling companies, while companies that buy regrinds from the market can buy cheaper colors of plastics and sort them by themselves.

Minimum quantities: full-truck

We can sort smaller quantities for tests.

In the future, we will also offer a sorting service for types of PET / PE, PVC / rubber, ABS / PP, PVC / PE . You can already send samples for tests today.

You can sort for example:

  • regrinds from window profiles - we sort out white, brown, etc
  • regrinds from PET bottles - sort out the white banner, green, blue - on the sorter you can easily get rid of aluminum from a white transparent raw material
  • regrinds from bottle caps

Rolbatch offers:

  • machinery and equipment for recycling plastics
  • optical sorters for sorting into colors
  • electrostatic sorters for sorting into plastics, PET / PE, PVC / rubber, ABS / PP, PVC / PE etc.
  • spectrometers for the recognition of plastics

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Contact person: Dr Magdalena Laabs

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