Single-shaft crusher with hydraulic pressure (101914)

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Barbara Litwic

The company ARGUS MASZYNA has many years of experience in importing equipment for recycling plastics. For years, we have been cooperating with reliable, competent and trusted machine manufacturers possessing all necessary certificates and permits required in the European Union.

In our offer you will find single-shaft crushers with clamp designed for grinding hard and thick-walled materials such as: pipes, zlepy, rubber, wood, containers, etc.

The construction of the rotor allows the processing of bulky materials such as barrels, baniaki, car bumpers, etc. thanks to a special hydraulic pressure system that moves the material towards the rotor and holds it for more efficient grinding. It is possible to adjust the speed and clamping force, thanks to which crushers can be easily adapted to different types of materials. Siemens PLC controllers are used in the control cabinet.

The use of a shock absorber used in the aviation industry reduces vibrations during crushing, thanks to which the material is fragmented in a homogeneous way, the noise is smaller and the life of the machine is longer.

The shredded material can be further processed eg in mills, pulverizers, etc. Depending on the model of the machine and the type of material being processed, we can count on achieving efficiency from 300 kg / h-5000 kg / h.

All machines and installations are each time designed and configured in accordance with individual customer requirements.

We invite you to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions.

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