Recycling line for PET bottles - 1 tonne / hour - Rolbatch GmbH (84703)

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1 day

Rolbatch Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy
Name and surname:
Tomasz Jackowski

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Line to recycle film soiled with soil etc. after farming

Basic line configuration:

  1. Conveyor belt
  2. Mill
  3. The washing machine slowly rotates
  4. The washing machine slowly rotates
  5. The washing machine slowly rotates
  6. Float tub
  7. The washing machine slowly rotates
  8. Float tub
  9. The washing machine slowly rotates
  10. Film extruder (to squeeze water)
  11. Device for separating the compacted film after the press
  12. Drying - air drying
  13. Reservoir for raw material
  14. Control cabinet


  1. Crusher
  2. Detector of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  3. Conveyor belt
  4. Drum separator with sieve

Also in our offer:

- lines for film blowing and casting PE, PP, PVC, PET, PA, PS
- recycling lines (washing, grinding, regranulation: mills, crushers, dynamic washers, spray washers (medium and quick rotation), flotation baths, dryers, feeders, volumetric and gravimetric dispensers)
Single and double screw extruders
- laboratory extruders
- lines for extrusion of pipes, profiles, plates
- laboratory equipment for testing the properties of plastics
- coloring concentrates

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