Plastics Thermoforming Services (107644)

Type of offer::
~2,75 EUR / pc
Available quantity:
65535 pc
Valid for:
43 days

Przetwórstwo Tworzyw Sztucznych Jacek Chmielewski
Name and surname:
Robert Paszyński


Our company has been on the market since June 2018.

We are people with experience - who spent all their previous working time on plastics.

At your disposal, we have fully-equipped professional machines adapted to simple thermoforming services as well as complex ones.

Our machines guarantee products made on working fields:

- 1500mm x 1000mm -> With a table pitch of 530mm

- 950mm x 550mm -> With a 320mm table pitch

The experience and commitment of our operator, as well as the selection of the appropriate raw material - guarantees you a finished product equal to your requirements.

We work with a powerful CNC milling company, which translates into a form to order within 7 days of ordering!

We also guarantee thermoforming services on customer forms.

We invite you to cooperation!

PS: For us the most important are three priorities:

1) The quality of the finished product

2) Delivery time

3) Customer satisfaction!


Finally, I leave our website:

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