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Rolbatch GmbH Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy
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Tomasz Jackowski

In our offer a wide assortment of lines for the production of granulates, compounds and regranlates of plastics.

We recommend lines for compounding for production eg:

  • dye concentrates
  • polymer composites
  • WPC composites (wood meal plus plastic)
  • glass fiber reinforced materials, carbon fiber, glass beads.
  • fillers (with talc, chalk, mica, barite up to 80% filling)
  • dehumidifiers for plastics with 80% phosphogypsum
  • Modified (flame retardant, antistatic, non-slip, UV resistant)
  • auxiliaries (flame retardants, antistatic agents, UV stabilizers)
  • Removal of volatiles by degassing.
  • plasticisation and homogenization of raw materials of various viscosities
  • granulation

    Compounding is the manufacture of modified plastics, the end product of which is a mixture, alloy or composite granulate composed of dispensed components. Compounding enables you to receive special materials with desirable properties while lowering costs by using cheaper raw materials.

    We recommend mandatory lines to fill up with 80% powder ingredients, eg used in the manufacture of chalk and / or plaster based fillers / dryers.

    When submitting your inquiry, please quote RBOOE / 009 /

    More on:

    Also in our offer:

    - lines for film blowing and casting PE, PP, PVC, PET, PA, PS
    - recycling lines (washing, grinding, regranulation: mills, crushers, dynamic washers, spray washers (medium and quick rotation), flotation baths, dryers, feeders, volumetric and gravimetric dispensers)
    Single and double screw extruders
    - laboratory extruders
    - lines for extrusion of pipes, profiles, plates
    - laboratory equipment for testing the properties of plastics
    - coloring concentrates

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    Rolbatch GmbH
    Magdalena Laabs
    Headquartered in Eberswalde near Berlin
    tel: 0049 3334 29 95 296 (office)
    mob: 0049 152 540 05 389

    Contact languages: Polish, German, English, Spanish

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