PP corrugated sheet extrusion machine (99158)

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150 000 USD / set
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58 days

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Jack Jack

PP corrugated sheet machine- manufacturer

PP corrugated sheet machine is one kind of plastic sheet extrusion machine.
PP corrugated sheet machine is of High efficiency; Flexible Production for controllable sheet thickness with the same die; Reliable and stable output.

PP corrugated sheet application

PP corrugated sheet is mainly used in various fields of electronics, packaging, machinery,

light industry, postal services, food, medicine, pesticides, home appliances, advertising, decorating, stationery, magneto-optical technology, bioengineering medicine and health. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials.


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PP corrugated sheet machine features

PP corrugated sheet machine extruder : 

The specially designed screw and the advanced controlling system ensure excellent plasticization, high output and stable extruding.

No-stop Screen changer:

Quick screen changer of hydraulic system ensures the short course of screen changing. Double-position combined with special sealing structure guarantee stable operation of screen changer.


Die head and mould:

Mould adopts high-quality alloy steel and throttling device to ensure even pressure of feed influent at the mould lips, and also differential action of up-down piece guarantee even thickness of the plate.

Vacuum calibration stable:

Vacuum system composes two independent subsystems and each is equipped with several fixed circulating vacuum lines of three-point type. Meanwhile, each line carries vacuum regulating system and vacuum display system that realize even and stable vacuum degree of plate surface.

Haul-off unit:

There are two haul-off units. The first one is of high power, high reduction ratio, multi-roller type, well low-speed operation, high traction and is able to draw the plate up from the calibrating table evenly and synchronal. The second one is designed to remove stress, and in addition it is equipped with edge-cutting device to ensure the valid


Roller Cooling Device or Air Cooling Device

Cross Cutting and edge trimming machine:

Accurate instant length-fixed cutting and automatic up-down discharging system combined with alloy steel sharp blade realize high quality of cutting

PP corrugated sheet machine technical data:


Model TS1400 TS1800 TS2300 TS2700
Extruder SJ90x33 SJ120x33 SJ120x33 SJ150x33
Max Sheet Width 1250mm 1650mm 2150mm 2550mm
Sheet Thickness 2-6,6-10,12-16 2-6,6-10,12-16 2-6,6-10 2-6,6-10
Max Output(kg/h) 180-260 220-350 320-450 360-500
Motor Power(KW) 55-90 75-110 90-132 110-160

Auxiliary machines for the PP corrugated sheet machine

  1. Plastic Crusher
  2. Creasing machine
  3. Die cutting machine
  4. Edge/corner sealing machine

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