Online and stationary training for the plastics industry (113970)

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Rolbatch GmbH Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy
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Dr Magdalena Laabs

What if I train people to leave?

What if you don't train them and stay? :-)

  • Are you a manager and you hire new people ?
  • You don't have time to train your pupils and you feel that they need it?
  • Do you want to get better results of your sales group, and you know that without a thorough training can not do?
  • Do you operate on the international market and need someone to train your people in their language?
  • Do you have a new position in the company and you need to quickly acquire new knowledge and skills?
  • Do you want to refresh your knowledge of the plastics industry and processing?
  • Are you new to the plastics industry and need to quickly learn everything you need to know about plastics?
  • Have you changed the company and need to learn new things?
  • There are many things that you already know very well, but you still need to improve your knowledge and skills?
You don't have to attend stationary lessons!
Learn online at the place and time of your choice!

Call us or send an email for more information 0048 22 389 6603

0049 3334 382 15 25


We organize dedicated trainings and webinars for individuals and groups.

You give us what you would like to be included in such training. We prepare substantive training and develop it in the form of a course that you can share with new employees .

Depending on the scope of training, implementation time is about 2-4 weeks for preparing a course of about 10 lessons.


If you have such a need, our specialists can come to your company and train your employees on site. It can also be training "on machines", e.g. starting the process, operating the extrusion line

You can also come to us in Eberswalde near Berlin, about 90 km from Szczecin.

Set with us the scope, date and number of training hours.

We can also organize cyclical trainings every 1-12 months for your employees.

We specialize in: extrusion of pipes, profiles, plates, foils, single and twin screw extruders, compounders, plastics recycling machines, plastics regranulation, testing of plastic flow rate, density , etc.

We can also help in implementing the production of: foil, pipes, profiles, plates


We are in the process of preparing all training in the field of plastics also in the form of online training. Contact us for more information.

Go to our website to see what training we offer:

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