New baler press for cardboard, foil, waste paper Eko MiLpap Hsab 400 (114066)

Type of offer::
~26 372 EUR / pc
Valid for:
76 days

Name and surname:
Bartosz Olszewski

We can proudly say that it is the result of many years of experience of our engineers. The baler has been designed so that the reduction of waste is even faster, and the rigid structure and the best (from wiring to hydraulics) components ensure durability and durability for years.


- Siemens motor is a proven and reliable design, which is at the forefront of European efficiency by independent tests
- hydraulics from the largest in Poland (with 50 years of experience) manufacturer of power hydraulics systems, valued in Europe and in the world - Ponar Wadowice


- a separate control panel allows you to set the machine almost anywhere, allowing the operator to work at a safe distance
- the alarming controller before the bale is overfilled will allow to load the optimal amount of material to obtain the assumed size of the cube coming out of the machine
- metal interlocks at the bale ejection point solve the problem of non-pressed material remaining in the device
- additional inspection doors facilitate maintenance and provide convenience and great time savings.


- special door opening system during bale ejection
- the door opening lock is released only when the operator presses two buttons separated from each other with both hands
- the ejection of the bale does not endanger the user
- three safety switches located in easily accessible places are always at the operator's fingertips, no matter at what stage of the baling process the machine is
- a sensor at the inspection door immobilizes the machine when it is opened


- a new touchscreen designed from scratch allows for any configuration of the control program to best suit the individual preferences of the operator
- a modern ultrasonic sensor replaces sensors that indicate the bale size and the initial position of the pressing plate so that the measurement is as precise as possible


- a special program for controlling the compaction of the pressed material allows to reduce its inertness by up to 90%
- shortened cylinder stroke lowers the idle cycle time (work cycle without material) from 85 to 55 seconds.


- many years of experience in the industry and market research have helped establish the most efficient bale size setting of 80-105 cm

Technical Specifications:

Model: HSAB 4000

Producer: EKO MiLPAP

Engine: 7.5 kW

Production country: Poland

Power supply: 400V

Press dimensions: 135 x 213 x 470 cm

Charging hole dimensions: 68 x 98 cm

Bale dimensions: 76 x 92 x 80-105 (adjustable length) cm

Bale weight: up to 400 kg (depending on material)

Pressure: 40 tons

Cycle Time: 55 seconds

Capacity: 3-4 cubes per hour (depending on the material)  

Weight: about 2.5 tons

Warranty: 24 months

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