Line for plastic compounding - an innovative solution, simple operation (96284)

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Barbara Litwic

The company ARGUS MASZYNA has many years of experience in importing equipment for recycling plastics. For years, we have been cooperating with reliable, competent and trusted machine manufacturers possessing all necessary certificates and permits required in the European Union. All machines and installations are each time designed and configured in accordance with the individual requirements and wishes of the customer.

In our offer you will find lines for compounding equipped with a twin-screw plasticizing-mixing system, which provides a very good degree of homogenization during the production of modified plastics: granulates with expected properties, good quality, obtained by using cheaper raw materials.

We recommend compounding lines for the production of:

  • reinforced plastics: glass fiber, carbon fiber, glass balls,
  • filled plastics: talc, chalk, ceramic powder, mica, CaCO3, BaSO4, TiO2,
  • materials with the use of amplifiers: glass fibers, carbon fibers, other fiber materials,
  • plastics with the use of additives: color, flame retardants, soot, stabilizers, anti-statics, reducers,
  • mixed plastics: thermoplastic / rubber materials, polymeric alloys and composites,
  • cable materials: PVC, PR TR-XPLE, NDH, PE with mesh, halogen-free and many more.

All machines and installations are each time designed and configured in accordance with individual customer requirements.

We invite you to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions.

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ul. Żołnierzy I of the Polish Army 98,
84-230 Rumia, Poland


phone: +48 533 202 141

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