Laboratory equipment for testing plastics Rbooe / 004 (92445)

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Rolbatch GmbH Magdalena Laabs – Eberswalde, Niemcy
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Dr Magdalena Laabs

Equipment and laboratory kits for testing plastics for measuring flow index, density, humidity, extrusion tests, etc.

1. Laboratory set (set No. 1001)

  • densimeter
  • hygrometer
  • laboratory scale with a draft shield
  • plastometer for testing the MFI mass flow index (MFR)

2. Laboratory set (set No. 1002)

  • densimeter
  • hygrometer
  • laboratory scales
  • plastometer for testing the mass flow index and volumetric flow index MFI (MFR and MVR)

3. Laboratory set (set No. 1003)

  • densimeter
  • hygrometer
  • laboratory scales
  • MFI plastometer (MFR)
  • 30mm single screw extruder, L / D = 25

4. Laboratory set (set No. 1004)

  • densimeter
  • hygrometer
  • laboratory scales
  • MFI plastometer (MFR and MVR)
  • 30mm single screw extruder, L / D = 25

In addition, our offer includes laboratory devices:

  • spectrometer for recognizing plastics, e.g. PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PET. POM, PA, etc.
  • laboratory balances with an accuracy of 0.001 gram and up to 0.0001 gram
  • 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 45mm single and twin screw extruders
  • micro extruder
  • laboratory lines for extruding profiles, granules
  • laboratory lines for film extrusion blow and cast (0.5-3 kg / hour)

The devices we recommend are perfect for testing recipes from primary raw materials as well as for testing regranulate and regrind of plastics.

We offer:

  • 12 months warranty
  • Service in Europe: Rolbatch GmbH
  • Technical consultancy
  • Help in obtaining financing

When submitting an inquiry, please refer to the offer number. Offer number: RBOOE / 004 /

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In addition, our offer includes:

- lines for foil blow and cast PE, PP, PVC, PET, PA, PS
- recycling lines (washing, crushing, regranulation: mills, crushers, dynamic washers, spray washers (medium and high speed), flotation baths, driers, feeders, volumetric and gravimetric dispensers)
- single and double screw extruders
- laboratory extruders
- lines for extruding pipes, profiles, plates
- laboratory equipment for testing the properties of plastics
- coloring concentrates

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