Injection molding machines Battenfeld TM 2700-1000+350V, 2nd vertical injection unit - 502921

No. 127307
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not specified
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1 pc
Second hand
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356 days

Maschinenhandel Borowski GmbH
Name and surname:
Benjamin Borowski

Stock no.: 502921
Manufacturer: BATTENFELD
Type: TM 2700-1000+350V
Control: UNILOG B4
Year of construction: 2003
Operating hours: 88031 h

Technical data closing side
Closing force: 2700 kN
Rail dimension v: 630 mm
Rail dimension h: 630 mm
Plate size h: 940 mm
Plate size v: 940 mm
Minimum installation height: 350 mm
Installation height max.: 750 mm
Plate distance max.: 1350 mm
Opening path: 600 mm
Ejector stroke: 200 mm
Ejector force: 59 kN
Centering moving plate D: 160 mm
Centering fixed plate D: 160 mm

Technical data injection side
Screw diameter: 50 mm
Displacement: 491 cc
Injection pressure: 2016 bar
Screw length: 22 l/d
Auger stroke: 250 mm
Screw speed: 260 min
Worm Torque: 1540 N
Plasticizing flow: 39 g/s PS
Injection flow to the outside: 226 g/s hp
Number of heating zones: 1+4
Nozzle path: 400 mm

Dimensions & Weight
Machine dimensions LxWxH: 6.6mx 1.7mx 4.17m
Total weight: 15700KG

Screen text German
CEE socket 16A
CEE socket 32A
Core pull hydraulic 2x
Air valve 1x
Machine without material hopper
Needle shut-off nozzle, spring-loaded
leveling elements
EUROMAP 12 interface
Interface for ejector plate safety device
Schuko socket 16A
Tool heating 8x
Two-component injection molding machine

Machine basics TM 2700-1000+350V:
Injection unit 350V (vertical arrangement):
Screw diameter 35 mm
Specific pressure 2083 bar
Calculated displacement 169 ccm (hp 153 g)
Screws L/D ratio 22
Plasticizing current in PS 15 g/s

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