Injection molding machine Arburg Selecta 470S 1300-350, 130 tons, 2004 (92599)

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Arek Szczepański

Sale of injection molding machines and periphery

ARBURG 470S 1300-675 / Working hours: 25.000 / Perfect technical condition
Production year: 2004

Injection elements:
Diameter of the screw: 45 mm
Injection weight: 240 g
Injection pressure: 2500 bar
Injection volume: 286 ccm

Closure components:
Closing force: 130 t
Clearance between the columns: 470x470 mm
Dimensions of the table tops: 650x650 mm
Ejector: hydraulic
Locking system: hydraulic

Control: SELOGICA (with the possibility of translating into Polish)

Additional equipment:
Robot interface
String of hydraulic cores x 1
Injection reinforced system - bimetal
Parallel movements
Locking system on two pistons
Proportional valve on the injection system - precise injection
3 x hydraulic pumps

Weight: 5400 kg
Length / Width / Height: 4.87x1.64x2.17 m

Power supply:
Pump / Motor: 30 kW
Heaters: 14.9 kW
Total: 44.9 kW

Price: on request

We invite you to present the machine while working in Lodz.
We offer all additional peripherals necessary to create a production line, as well as tooling machines.

We are a leading supplier of used machines for plastics processing: injection molding machines, peripherals and tooling machines.
All devices offered by our company are in our warehouses in Łódź.

Possibility of LEASING! At the client's request, we arrange leasing.
FREE: training in the operation of the selected machine
FREE: loading of devices after sale

ul. Wersalska 54
91-212 Łódź
+48 606-246-645
+48 42 655-84-33

Szczep-pol is a leading European supplier of used machines for plastic processing: injection moulding


Szczep-pol is a leading European supplier of used machines for plastic processing: injection moulding machines and peripherals as well as metal working machines

Poland, 91-212 Łódź, Wersalska 54

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