Injection molding machine Arburg Allrounder 520S 1600-800 - 503098

No. 127315
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not specified
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1 pc
Second hand
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356 days

Maschinenhandel Borowski GmbH
Name and surname:
Benjamin Borowski

Stock no.: 503098
Manufacturer: ARBURG
Type: Allrounder 520 S 1600-800
Controller: Selogica
Year of construction: 2010
Operating hours: 75000 h

Technical data closing side
Closing force: 1600 kN
Rail dimension v: 520 mm
Rail dimension h: 520 mm
Plate size h: 688 mm
Plate size v: 688 mm
Minimum installation height: 250 mm
Plate distance max.: 825 mm
Opening path: 575 mm
Ejector stroke: 175 mm
Ejector force: 50 kN
Centering moving plate D: 125 mm
Centering fixed plate D: 125 mm

Technical data injection side
Screw diameter: 50 mm
Displacement: 392 cc
Injection pressure: 2000 bar
Screw length: 20 l/d
Auger stroke: 200 mm
Screw speed: 60 min
Worm Torque: 880N
Injection flow to the outside: 214 g/s hp
Number of heating zones: 4
Nozzle path: 300 mm

Dimensions & Weight
Machine dimensions LxWxH: 4.82mx 1.67mx 2m
Total weight: 6350KG

Screen text German
CEE socket 16A
CEE socket 32A
Core pull hydraulic 2x
Machine including conveyor belt
Machine including handling
leveling elements
EUROMAP 67 interface
Tool heating 6x

Technical data handling
Type of machine : linear
Make: Wittman
Controller: W821-187
Year of construction: 2010

Machine basics Allrounder 520 S 1600-800:
incl. conveyor belt 4500 x 800 mm, separating flap and Wittmann handling

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