HDPE PVC Culvert Pipe Extrusion Machine/Plastic Corrugated pipe machine (double wall) (99147)

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100 000 USD / set
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55 days

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Jack Jack

Culvert Pipe Extrusion Machine/HDPE PVC double wall corrugated pipe machine it  adopts extruding and forming process, it has the features of reliable quality and high efficiency. Compared with other plastic pipe wall structure, double wall corrugated pipe has excellent wall structure design, its low weight reach the lower production cost and improve the market competitiveness. It is widely used in various field instead of concrete pipe and iron pipes, because it has excellent features such as: easy connected and accessories installed, and quality reliable.

Plastic corrugated pipe machine/Culvert Pipe Extrusion Machine Technical Data

Model SBG110 SBG250
Pipe diameter (mm) 50-110MM DN/ID 50-250

Extruder model



Die head,mould 50-110MM 50-250mm
Forming machine model SGGC-110 SBGC-250
Spray cooling tank NO SGL-250
Non-dust cutting machine SGQ110 SGQ-250
Stacker SGD-110 SGD-250
Production capacity(kg/h) 100 PE:360  PVC:250
Dimension (m) 20×4.5×3.5 28×4.5×3.8
Weight (T) 10 27


plastic double wall corrugated pipe machine/Culvert Pipe Extrusion Machine  consists of


material extruder  type
PVC conical double screw extruder
PE high-effective single screw extruder

2.Die head

Materail: high quality alloy steel, nitrogen treatment
Equipped with stainless steel heater
The die head structure designed reasonably, running channel distribute uniformly, it could ensure extrusion steadily.


Quantity: 48 pairs of mold blocks./ 72 pairs for 50-110mm
Material: Adopt good mechanical properties cast aluminium alloy. and process high fatigue strength,and good abrasion resistance.


4.Forming machine

Material : High quality alloy steel
Slide rail: Equipped with silde rail processed under special way, and process high strength and good abrasion resistance.


5.Cooling systerm: High efficency cooling systerm could be gurantee the quality of forming.
Lubrication systerm: Equipped with centralized lubrication device, automatic quantitative lubrication.
Manual adjustment system : Used for accurately adjusting the relative position between forming and mould mouth.

 non-dust cutting machine


7.Stacker/ for 50-110mm pipe Coiler available

Pneumatic control, fixed-length automatic overturn

The cutting machine is equipped with dust collection device and pipe length meter.

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