Compacted EPS packaging polystyrene

No. 121899
Type of offer::
~0,65 EUR / kg
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16 days

ENERIS Surowce S.A.
Name and surname:
Miłosz Banasik

We buy full-tonnage amounts of compact, packaging EPS polystyrene (waste codes 15 01 02 or 07 02 13 (EU 3011)).

Our service is for you if:

  • you can document the source of the raw material (confirmation of the source, type of material),
  • you can guarantee the proper cleanliness of the material (no solid contamination: stones, debris, sand, earth, wood, adhesives, mortars, cement, other polymers, e.g. PU foam, mesh, foils, tapes, cardboard, paper, metal objects),
  • you have white or gray polystyrene (other colors are acceptable provided that it is confirmed that it is a packaging material), compacted to 350-500 kg / m³,
  • you guarantee a neutral smell (no unpleasant, irritating odors) and no organic impurities,
  • you ensure a moisture content below 5% and no bromine (no flame retardants).

We can provide support in the field of transport and waste preparation (compactors).

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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