Co-extruder line Battenfel -Cincinati Seide for PS / PP film r 2012. (91191)

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Line for the production of thermoforming films PS / PP.

Co-extruder yield up to 600 kg / h PS, 480 kg / h PP.

Battenfel Chief Extruder - Cincinati BEX 1-75-34 DV T2 Year 2012

- degassing

- sieve

- pump crucible

- engine power 144.6 kw

- heating power 37 kw

Second SEIDE ESE 1-60-30D extruder manufactured in 1999

- sieve

- pump crucible

- engine power 53.2 kw

- heating power of 16.6 kw

Head width 1000mm, second head 750 mm.

Production of layer films A, A / B, B / A / B

Film thickness 0.2 - 2.5 mm

Calandry Seide 1999

- roll width 1000 mm

Each cylinder has a separate CNC drive

- 400/500/500 mm roll diameter

Measurement of film thickness Laser year of production 2012

Film wrapper with tower for storage.

Rapid waste mills.

Mixer with 5 component mixer.

New spare parts: rolls, heaters, melt pump.

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