Arburg 420C 1000-350 injection molding machine with Arburg Multilift robot, 100t, 2002

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Arek Szczepański

Sale of injection molding machines and peripherals

Type: ARBURG 420C 1000-350 with Arburg Multilift robot
Year of production: 2002


Injection components:
Screw diameter: 35 mm
Shot weight: 117 g
Injection pressure: 2500 bar
Injection volume: 139 ccm

Closure components:
Closing force: 100 t
Clearance between columns: 420x420 mm
Max dimensions of the table plates: 570x570 mm
Ejector: hydraulic
Closing system: hydraulic

SELOGICA (with the possibility of translation into Polish)

Additional equipment:
Air valve x 3
Cores string control
Hot runner control x 6
Armored injection system - bimetal
It is possible to change the diameter of the screw to 40 mm and 45 mm

Arburg Multilift robot
5-axis robot: X, Y, Z axes driven by servo motors (electric); A and C axis
Safety cage robot

Weight: 3430 kg
Length / Width / Height: 4.35x1.64x2.08 m

Power supply:
Pump / Motor: 22 kW
Heaters: 10.2 kW
Total: 32.2 kW

Price: on request

We invite you to present the machine while working in Łódź.
We offer all the additional peripheral devices necessary to create a production line and tooling machines.
We are a leading European supplier of used machines for plastics processing: injection molding machines, periphery and tool machines.
All devices offered by our company are located in our warehouses in Łódź.

Possibility of LEASING! At the client's request, we can help organize the leasing in a simplified form, through the leasing companies we work with.
FREE: training in the operation of the selected machine
FREE: loading of after-sale devices

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Szczep-pol is a leading European supplier

Szczep-pol is a leading European supplier of used machines for plastic processing: injection moulding machines and peripherals as well as metal working machines

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