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We improve the material properties of plastic parts (radiation crosslinking) and/or destroy any microorganisms that may be present on the product (radiation sterilization)

BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG

Research and technology for application in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.


Plastcom is involved in research, development, production, recycling and application of engineering plastics for injection moulding on the basis of thermoplastics, including technical support

Plastcom spol s r.o.

RAL - the industrie's leading colour standard

Maszyny do przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych: wtryskarki, peryferia, roboty, taśmociągi, mieszalniki

Injection moulding machines, Chillers, Driers, Belt conveyors, Separators, Material conveyors, Temperature regulators, Robots and Manipulators

Bór 77/81, 42-200, Częstochowa, Poland