Nives Ltd.

Recycling of PP and PE, looking for a supplier for waste plastic and partner for PET recycling

Address details:

Str. Ivana Milutinovica
Serbia and Montenegro, 18000 Nis

Company Nives DOO from Nis has been established in 1992.

Our core activity has been the distribution of polymers, on which further development of the company has been built. We are present on the territory of Serbia and the surrounding.

Company Nives DOO is among the big-sized companies in Serbia.. We possessed very big manufacturing departments with ware houses in 3 big cities in Serbia. Main department is settled in Nis and other two are in Stara Pazova and Kragujevac.We have more than 500 buyers and we also know serbian market very well.

Our company sell more than 1000 tones of polymers per months and it can be higher with a good prices of all different kinds of polymers(PP,PE,HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE...)

„Nives“ encompasses three activities from the field of polymers:

Distribution of wide range of polymers of domestic and foreign origin;

Production of water filters (unique concept);

Recycling of PE and PP waste raw materials (our production is 20 tones per day).