M.B. Fol

The company produces U-type straws, flexible straws, straight straws, spoon straws

Address details:

Str. Czubinska 19
05-822 Milanówek, Poland

The company "MBFol" was founded in 1979.

From the very beginning our activity has been based on plastic.
Currently, we produce drinking straws: “U" type, flexible straws, straight straws, spoon straws, and straws packed separately in a paper or foil with the possibility of printing.
Wide range of products and highly experienced staff make the implementation of contracts smooth and swift.
We are equally open to realization of uncommon orders, we adopt the customer's needs.

In order to develop the quality of our services we strive to provide products which meet our customers' needs and requirements with a view to their full satisfaction. We believe it would contribute to the expansion of cooperation and thus to the strengthening of the position of our company.

We are constantly modernizing our sales methods.
Products we offer are in line with the customers' expectations, as well as expanding them if necessary.

Our familiarity with the suppliers' market and their careful selection allow us to maintain the quality of our products.

You are welcome to cooperate!


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