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Around the world, customers come to know DuPont innovation through the familiar DuPont brands used in their homes, communities and commercial environments: Corian® surface materials, DuPont ™ Kevlar®, SentryGlas® safety glass interlayers

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Look to DuPont for a comprehensive range of Engineering Plastics and resources to help you meet needs for rugged, economical components and products. DuPont engineering polymers have proven their value for a wide range of applications in the Automotive, Consumer, Electrical/Electronic and Industrial markets.

DuPont Performance Elastomers offers a wide variety of products ranging from thermoset rubber polymers used by the general rubber industry to high-performance fluoroelastomers used by the chemical processing and automotive industries.

Ethylene Copolymers
DuPont uses its science to deliver ethylene copolymers with sustainable performance advantages such as faster processing, extra toughness, better cold-temperature flexibility, extra clarity, softer touch, better heat and oil resistance, better sound deadening or more reliable sealing and adhesion.

Films & Sheets
In addition to well-known films such as polyester, DuPont makes a number of specialty films and sheets for specific markets.

Products made with Teflon® fluoropolymer resins have exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress-cracking. The mechanical toughness, electrical, and low-friction properties of Teflon® make it the preferred plastic for a host of applications and different processing techniques. Inudstrial uses for Teflon® fluoropolymers includes the following application areas: architectural, fabrics, automotive uses, cabling materials, food processing, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Polymer Modifiers
DuPont supplies resins for efficiently toughening, compatibilizing, promoting adhesion and increasing flexibility of other plastics. Working with base materials such as ABS and PVC, or nylon and other engineering polymers, DuPont modifiers are scientifically engineered to help compounders create plastics that work harder or meet special requirements.


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