Amargo Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Plastic boards, tanks, PE boards, PP boards, structural panels, round modules, platform gratings, pipes, fittings, valves

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Str. Pogodna 10, Piotrkówek Mały
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland

AMARGO company for over fourteen years has been providing a complete innovative solutions for a wide range of semi-finished plastic products, especially the group of thermoplastic polyolefin's.
Our strength is great flexibility in adapting to the requirements of Customers. Product quality and reasonable prices are the most important factors that make up our competitive offer. We are becoming famous and recognized in Central Europe as the company and trustworthy trading partner, which we owe to the highest quality of our products and services. Following modern trends, we strive to provide support to our partners and develop a close cooperation. Our goal is to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly products, taking advantage of thermoplastic material, which may be in future subjected to the process of recycling. They are to be the highest quality materials, adjusted to customer needs, price-competitive and satisfying environmental requirements. Our policy is targeted toward innovative, sustainable and continuous development, solving problems of our customers and responding to their questions and needs. We maintain good relationships with our customers, we care about the social safety of workers, and we take care to maintain the principles of mutual respect and development of each employee, providing a wide range of training courses aimed at improving work effectiveness and achieving strategic objectives. Internal development of the company is directed at the use of new materials and manufacturing technology, in collaboration with external experts, the creation of recruitment strategies and developing the market and creating a flexible business approach.