ServoTube Motor Components (91036)

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Armin Dietsche

ServoTube linear motor components are designed to integrate into OEM machinery and require an external bearing. Loads can be mounted directly to the rugged forcer. Built-in position feedback with up to 12 micron repeatability simplifies installation. Motor components are IP67 rated and deliver continuous force 7-276 N.


» Built-in position sensor

» Mount load directly to forcer

» Very low audible noise

» IP67 rating

» Food-safe

» Built-in heatsink

» Standard 3 phase winding

Recommended Controller:

» Operation with common servo controller possible

Maximum Travel:

STB11: 219 -372 mm

STB25: 1027 - 1180 mm

XTB38: 1148 - 1362 mm

XHB38: 1103 – 1316 mm

Width x Height Dimensions:

STB11: 28 x 61 mm

STB25: 95 x 54 mm

XTB38: 122 x 70 mm

XHB38: 108 x 72 mm


Planetary gearbox, Worm gearbox, Brushed DC motor, Brushless DC Motor, Permanent, Servomotor, Motor

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